Photos shot through the candid approach are probably most realistic form of photography/videography, when the people being shot are at their natural best - irrespective of their emotional state. Add a hint of lighting without making the subjects aware, and you'll have photographs/videos that tell more than thousand words in honest details. This style mirrors real emotions, and with a touch of artistic improvisation, we can make it a memorabilia to be cherished for a lifetime of joy.

Services Start at : Rs.5,000


Wedding guests come in all shapes and sizes, and there is one thing in a wedding party that can fit them all - a photo booth! What better way to capture a crowd's mood than to add a fun corner where they can take turns to create memories and get instant prints?

Services Start at : Rs.10,000


The wedding day is as important a ceremony to your loved ones living abroad as it is to you. With our webcasting services, you can overcome the geographical barriers and share each moment of your special day - live on the internet - with your friends and relatives living seven seas apart.

Services Start at : Rs.10,000